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Beware And Keep Yourself Safe From The Voice Of Unknown on Google Maps

Google Maps is the most widely used navigation system in the tech world, But Beware and keep the voice of the unknown on Google Maps safe 
Beware And Keep Yourself Safe From The Voice Of  Unknown on Google Maps
Beware And Keep Yourself Safe From The Voice Of  Unknown on Google Maps

Most drivers look for the assistance of Google Maps to arrive at any edge of the world. A great many people, unwittingly and intentionally, are clients of Google Maps. Nonetheless, a specialized issue with Google Maps is presently cerebral pain. It is accounted for that a great many people presently have a slight dread of utilizing this assistance because of bugs in the guides. 

What was the deal? 

Google itself has recognized that there are a few issues with Maps, one of the most well-known route planning frameworks. As indicated by figures delivered by Google in 2019, around 100 million individuals overall depend on the Maps framework. 

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Notwithstanding, likewise with some other internet-based help, Google Maps can be liable to bugs and programming crashes. One issue that is being accounted for now is that you are getting a formerly unheard voice to let you know the course of the excursion. 

Male voice rather than female 

This data was first announced by PiunikaWeb. Their report says that the voice that provides guidance to some Google Maps clients has changed. Albeit the Google Maps application, which has been in need for quite a while, has not changed a lot, many individuals say that it seems like somebody is perusing the course with a sort of elocution that they have never heard. 

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A new voice comes up every once in a while and gives directions. Certain individuals get a male voice rather than the female voice they have heard previously. 

Do you hear the voice of an Indian? 

This male voice additionally has an Indian redness. Some say they get a Persian red emphasis. Google has since apologized after the issue was accounted for around the world. Google tweeted that the fix to fix this issue will show up soon.

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