Friday, September 17, 2021

Beware And Keep Yourself Safe From The Voice Of Unknown on Google Maps

Google Maps is the most widely used navigation system in the tech world, But Beware and keep the voice of the unknown on Google Maps safe 

Most drivers seek the help of Google Maps to reach any corner of the world. Most people, unknowingly and knowingly, are users of Google Maps. However, a technical problem with Google Maps is now a headache. It is reported that most people now have a slight fear of using this service due to bugs in the maps.

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What happened?

Google itself has acknowledged that there are some issues with Maps, one of the most popular navigation mapping systems. According to figures released by Google in 2019, around 100 million people worldwide rely on the Maps system. 

However, as with any other online service, Google Maps can be subject to bugs and software crashes. One problem that is being reported now is that you are getting a previously unheard voice to tell you the direction of the journey.

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Male voice instead of female

This information was first reported by PiunikaWeb. Their report says that the voice that gives direction to some Google Maps users has changed. Although the Google Maps app, which has been in use for a long time, has not changed much, many people say that it sounds like someone is reading the direction with a kind of pronunciation that they have never heard before. An unfamiliar voice comes up from time to time and gives instructions. Some people get a male voice instead of the female voice they have heard before.

Do you hear the voice of an Indian?

This male voice also has an Indian redness. Some say they get a Persian red accent. Google has since apologized after the issue was reported worldwide. Google tweeted that the patch to fix this issue will arrive soon.

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Know The Easy Way To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos

In this era of technology, it has become easy to Capture any moment, Know The Easy Way To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos From Google Photos? 

Today, any occasion can be photographed with the help of a smartphone. Also, videos can be recorded. The memories of these memorable moments can be refreshed anytime by saving them on your phone.

But sometimes these photos and videos get deleted by mistake. In such a situation, inconvenience has to be faced. 


But with the help of technology, with the help of which memorable moments can be preserved through photos and videos, with the help of the same technology, they can also be recovered if these photos and videos are accidentally deleted.

How to recover deleted photos and videos?

Google ( Google ) is a smartphone app that can be used to recover photos and videos that were deleted from Google Photos in an easy manner. 

Let us know about the easy steps to recover photos and videos.

1. First of all, open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

2. After that click on the Library option.

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3. Now click on the Trash folder. Deleted photos and videos will be found in this


4. Now touch and hold on to the photo or video you want to recover.

5. After that click on the Restore option at the bottom.

6. Now the deleted photos or videos will be recovered and saved again in the same album in the gallery of the smartphone in which they were earlier.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 Hacking can be mitigated by rebooting the phone

When digital security is being talked about around the world, the oldest and easiest way to fix a computer is to turn the device off and on, which can thwart hackers' attempts to steal smartphone data.

Being a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Angus King has good reason to be concerned about hackers. He said he had received some advice on keeping cellphones safe at a briefing by security officials this year.

Step 1: Turn off the phone

Step 2: Open the phone

Diameter! When it comes to digital security, the oldest and easiest way to fix a computer is to turn it off and on, which can thwart hackers' attempts to steal smartphone data.

Switching smartphones on and off regularly won't stop cybercriminals or hired intelligence firms from threatening to keep information secure and private in the digital world, but will make it harder for skilled hackers to break into someone else's phone and steal information. Will give

According to Neil Zaering, technical director of the National Security Agency's cybercrime department, "It's basically a way for those bad guys to increase the cost of their jobs."

The National Security Agency last year enacted a policy on mobile device security that recommended rebooting phones once a week as a way to prevent hacking.

King, an independent senator from Maine, said rebooting the phone has become part of his routine now, adding that "I'd say reboot maybe once a week, whenever I feel like it."

The phone is usually always in the hands of the people. The phone contains a lot of personal and sensitive data. And they become top targets of cell phone hackers. They trace his text messages, contacts and photos, location and even secretly turn on his video and microphone to steal user information.

"I consider the phone to be our digital soul," said Patrick Ward, a security expert and former National Security Agency researcher.

There's no exact count of how many people's phones are hacked each year, but data shows the number is significant.

The results of a recent International Media Union investigation into phone hacking have caused political upheaval in France, India, Hungary and elsewhere. The researchers found that a large number of journalists, human rights activists and politicians were on the potential list of an Israeli hacking company.

Zering says that usually when hackers get a chance to break into a device or network, they find a way to take over a computer's root file system with malicious software. But phone makers like Apple and Google are building operating systems with more robust security barriers to ward off these malware.

"It's hard for a hacker to break through that barrier and get into a phone," he said.

As a result, hackers are looking for other methods. They follow the sender by identifying the 'in-memory payload'. This type of hacking is circumvented by rebooting. But this is not the case in most cases, as people politely turn off their phones.

According to expert Wardle, "If they can somehow get into your device just once, read chat messages, access contacts and passwords, then the game is almost over, isn't it?"

Currently there is a strong market for phone hacking tools. Companies like Gerodium and Crowdfence are publicly offering millions of dollars for zero-click hacking tools.

Several hacker companies have been established in recent times to work with money, providing mobile device hacking tools to the government and law enforcement. The popular is the Israel NSO Group. Researchers say the phones of human rights activists, journalists and even Catholic priests around the world are being hacked with their spyware.

NSO Group's hacking tool Pegasus was recently reported in the media. The Washington Post reports that in 36 cases using Pegasus, the phones of businessmen, human rights activists and others have been successfully hacked or attempted.

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the company in the US. That being said, they targeted WhatsApp's private messages on 1,400 Facebook customers through ZeroClick.

NSO Group says they sell their spyware only to tested government agencies intended to be used against terrorists or major criminals. However, the company did not respond to a request for comment.

NSO company spyware became popular for its effectiveness. Vice News says that a few years ago, that company's US-based partner gave law enforcement a hacking tool that works even after a phone factory reset.

MarkJack has been closely monitoring the activities of NSO Group for many years. According to him, the company first started with zero-click exploit which will run successfully till 2019.

People who were affected by this on WhatsApp would receive some incoming calls before the hacking tool entered their phones. In 2020, MarkJack and Citizen Lab Zero-Click caught another hacking attempt by the NSO group targeting several Al Jazeera journalists. Hackers use Apple's iMessage texting service.

"Those who were targeted didn't see anything on their phone screens," MarkJack said. It was completely invisible and users were not involved in any way." MarkJack said that they have such powerful hacking tools that even rebooting your phone won't work. When you reboot, it's a and will send zero-clicks.

"It's a slightly different model tool," he said. It acts like a recurring infection."

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Restrictions On Older Phones, Google Will Not Allow Sign-In From September 27th

Warning that Google Sign-in will not be possible directly from September 27 on phones running older versions of Android.

Unable to access Gmail, sign in, and watch YouTube. Phones running Android 2.3.7 will be affected. Most Google services and apps cannot be logged in and used. If you have the ability to update your old phone or another device to the latest version of Android (3.0+) you can still log in and use all Google services. Otherwise, some services will be restricted. Google says it's best to switch to the latest version of Android soon. 

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This is for the safety of the users. The company added that devices running Android 2.3.7 or lower will not be allowed to sign in from September 27, 2021. Version 2.3.7 of Android was released about ten years ago. 

On the other hand, if the phone cannot be updated to the latest version of Android (3.0+), Gmail, and other browsers can be accessed. It also warns that phones running older versions will be allowed to use services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, and YouTube through browsers.

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Jio Phone 2

The company has postponed the launch of the Jio Next phone, Everything you need to know about Jio phone 2 

which was supposed to be launched on Vinayaka Chaturthi today. They explained the reason in a news release released Thursday night. 'Semiconductor chips are in short supply globally. This has greatly affected automobile, PC and smartphone manufacturing worldwide. That’s what Jio Next is waiting to come out. But we are trying to release the phone before Diwali, 'she said.

Jio has been a household name in the Indian telecom market since 2016. In a short span of time, Mukesh Ambani's company has been able to lead the common man's dream of more data at a lower cost. Today, Jio is also the company with the highest number of prepaid subscribers in India. With Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani's announcement that he will be making Jio phones available at huge discounts in the smartphone market, people's attention has naturally turned to the Jio Next phone. 

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Jio Phone Next is the cheapest 4G Android smartphone in the world.

The phone comes in 2 versions. One model with 2GB RAM / 16GB internal memory is priced at Rs 3,499. The second is the slightly more expensive model with 3GB RAM / 32GB internal memory but less than Rs 5,000. Other phones with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory are currently priced at an average of Rs 8,000 in the market! Other features of the phone are world-class. 

The speed and power of the phone are determined by the processor. While entry-level Android phones usually compromise on the processor, the Jio Phone Next uses Snapdragon 215 SoC, the world's best smartphone processor maker. The same processor is used in the smartphones of Nokia, TCL, and Alcatel. With a 5.5-inch display, the phone offers the same large display as any other smartphone on the market. The phone comes with a standard camera package. The 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. 

Jio Phone Next has not adopted the style of completely replacing the front for the display. Instead, it's an obsolete design with a small bezel at the top and bottom of the screen. It is said to have a 2,500 mAh battery. The Android operating system on the phone is specially designed by Google for Indian users. The phone will have Android 11 Go Edition for entry-level smartphones. In addition, Jio's apps will be installed on the phone. You will also see the message JioPhone Next Created with Google when booting the phone as part of its collaboration with Google. 

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The most important features of Google's collaborations are voice AI, Voice Assistant, on-screen text read aloud, and translation services based on the Google AI service. The advantage of Jio Phone Next's translation system is that you can translate and read the text on the screen in any language without having to open another app. In collaboration with Snapchat, Google has also developed special Snap lens filters for the camera app on Jiophone. These filters are made in the camera app of the phone itself without having to open another app and search for filters. This allows augmented reality (AR) systems to be used on the phone. 

Jio Phone Next also has Google Play Store and Play Protect, which provides app security. Another feature that other entry-level Android phones do not have is the Google guarantee of a three-year Android update. This is not the first time Jio has introduced Android phones. Following the launch of the Jio Network in 2016, the company introduced its own Android smartphones under the name Life.

Life Phone was launched by the company in association with Indian company Intex. The phones were introduced at different prices under the names Water, Earth and Flame. However, those models were not enough to compete with others. Companies in the entry-level market. As a result, Life phones soon withdrew from the market.

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Then in 2017 Geo introduced the 4G feature phone called Phone. The phone had a new operating system called Kai OS. With the launch of many popular apps on the phone, including WhatsApp, the popularity of the phone has increased. In 2018, the company introduced the Geo Phone 2 with a QWERTY keyboard and apps like Facebook and YouTube.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Are You Getting Bored With Your Old Phone? And Want To Sell Smartphones?

Sell old smartphones with ease and complete safety. Things to be considered while selling it and knowing all the aspects thoroughly.

When it comes to electronics using the same device or gadget, in the long run, becomes boring as there are new inventions and launches almost every day. In this era, where almost to get done any work we need the help of a Mobile Phone, it is very common to be bored of a Mobile Phone irrespective of its brand or model.

As we have seen a huge technological shift or we can also call it as upgradation, each smartphone is different and has many unique features added as per to keep up with the trends in the competitive market. Hence, it is nothing new if you feel that your phone needs to be changed quicker than you used to in the past times.

It has mostly become important to switch to new phones as we need the following features in day to day life

Internet banking-

Basic things such as updating passbooks, passwords, checking balance, account transfer, or opening fixed deposits have become easier with internet banking.

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Paying for goods and services-

Avoiding cash payments and Making payments through mobile banking or E-wallets is the new way of dealing with transactions.

Staying connected with our colleagues-

Gone are the times when you only had the option of sending a text message that too for higher costs. We all agree it has become easy to stay connected with friends and family because of the technological improvements.

Sharing pictures and stories via social media-

Sharing pictures and all story updates of our daily lives can be posted or grasped today just within few moments. Social media is a whole new technological invention that is easily useable through android phones and smartphones.

Browsing the internet-

Surfing or browsing on the internet was done only through computers back then but now it has become more convenient to browse the internet with the latest mobile phones and their features.

Navigating to specific locations-

Navigation is a whole unique invention. Back in the days when people had to roam with a map and figure out distances, today's navigation in the latest mobile phones helps not only to navigate but also know the distance, timing, and traffic.

Working outside the office-

Today this is no new thing that most of us answer work emails free Web Content, make presentations, and do most of the office work on the phone as it is handy and can be done anywhere and anytime. All credits to the major technological advances.

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Major changes we have seen in the upgrading features of mobile phones:-

Screen sizes

Screen sizes have evolved for the betterment. From small black and white screens to colorful huge touchscreen smartphones we all have experienced the difference between them.


The shape of the mobile phone also matters a lot today. Every time a phone has launched the shape of it and the screen in more innovative. Sharp and curvy edges of the screen or even the slimness of the whole device for it to be handier.


We absolutely can not forget the days when we just had to limit our pictures or documents just because we had limited storage and had to depend on SD memory cards. Today there are smartphones with a huge lot of internal storage space and also with features like google photos storage can be bought as per our requirements.

Passcode to fingerprint and face sensors-

Privacy is very important and hence we came yo to see this significant feature of maze locks shifting to passcodes and fingerprint or face unlock sensors.

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Camera quality-

The camera quality is next level today. With night mode and powerful flashlights and many other features today a camera in a smartphone works just like a professional camera.


In this era, where almost to get done any work we need the help of a Mobile Phone, it is very common to be bored of a Mobile Phone irrespective of its brand or model. It has mostly become important to switch to new phones as we need the following features in day-to-day life Surfing or browsing on the internet was done only through computers back then but now it has become more convenient to browse the internet with the latest mobile phones and their features.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Will The iPhone 13 Have A Satellite Phone System? Know About Satellite Phone

The iPhone 13 Series is rumored to be equipped with a satellite communication system that can make calls and send SMS even when signals are not available. 

An increasing number of people are making strong arguments that this may or may not be the case. MingChi Kuo, who makes reliable predictions about Apple products, is the originator of these controversies. Kuo's argument He said the custom chip, built by Qualcomm for Apple, could work directly with satellites using the Low-Earth-Orbit (Leo) Satellite Internet Protocol communications system. Even if this is true, there are those who argue that it will not be of any use to Indians in the present circumstances. 

Because India is with more than 20 countries like China and Russia which has banned satellite phones. 

Emergency feature? 

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who gives accurate news about Apple's moves, also believes that the iPhone 13 will have the hardware to take advantage of the possibility of satellite communication. He claims that this will be of use to the iPhone 13 user in case of an accident or other problems in a place where there is no range. At the same time, he predicts that the iPhone 13 handset will be ready for satellite communication, but this feature will not be introduced until 2022. 

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It is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's X60 baseband modem chip for Apple. Kuo speculates that Louisiana-based company Globalstar may also be collaborating with Apple. Meanwhile, Apple Insider that is unlikely Apple Insider published the news, which included the opinions of many experts in the field. The report quotes Sascha Segan of PCMag as saying why Qualcomm and Global Star co-built the custom chip, which also suggests that it has satellite communication capabilities. He argues that Apple may be trying to improve 5G connectivity by adding more satellite bands. 

The B53 / N53 is supported by Qualcomm's X65 modem. He also says that the X60 chip that is said to be in the iPhone does not have that capability. However, he does not rule out the possibility of Apple using B33 / N53 technologies with the X60 Chupp. Will Apple ask and buy the anger of telecom companies? There is no evidence that the new technology will be used to communicate with satellites. Instead, Segan speculates that Globalstar may be trying to improve the LTE relationship. 

Another security expert, Robert Graham, says the iPhone 13 models include a downlink satellite communication channel ranging from 2.4835 GHz to 2.4950 GHz band. But it also says it does not support phone-to-satellite communication. Economist Anpanman points to another aspect of this. He argues that existing telecom companies in different countries will not encourage the use of satellite communication systems. the reason.

What is a satellite phone? 

Mobile phones, also known as satellite phones and satellite telephones, communicate directly with satellites without relying on mobile towers or Wi-Fi. They can send voice calls and text messages and use the Internet as they normally would from a telecom service provider. They also have the advantage of not having cell towers. An international dialing code is required to make these calls. Why is India banned? It is banned in India because terrorists and criminals can share ideas without the knowledge of the government. If you use a satellite phone, you are violating Section 4 of the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 ( Those arriving with satellite phones from abroad must obtain a license from the authorities before using them. Otherwise, they may be arrested or punished. 

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Meanwhile, reports say that soldiers are using satellite phones. India has banned calls from telecom operators because it is not easy to track satellite calls if they leave any evidence. Did the terrorists stop using it? Satellite phone calls may have been stopped by terrorists. But at a time when encrypted apps are readily available, criminals and others may be wondering why they have such a phone.

Is India the only country banned? Going to China with a satellite phone is a crime. China has banned all types of GPS services without the knowledge of the government. Countries such as Cuba, Russia, Morocco, Myanmar and Bangladesh has all or partially banned the use of satellite phones. If Apple was to bring the Satellite phone system to iPhones, would sell it in a way that would not be possible in countries where it is currently banned.

Is satellite phone service so good? It is reported that their performance inside buildings and other places is poor. At the same time, satellite phones come to the aid of the common man if there is no other way to make a call if he goes on a trek or something and gets lonely. Perhaps it would be of great benefit if Apple brought this feature to call in such a situation. 


In the future, satellite communication systems may improve in every way. Being able to adjust them in a way that governments can track does not have to be a big challenge. Satellite communication will also put an end to the deployment of cables and towers across the country.

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Who gave the name of "SELFIE" , Who took The First "Selfie"

Who took the first 'selfie', who gave this name?

The first self was taken 182 years ago. Raised by a chemist. However, Selfie did not get the name 'Selfie' even then. The chemist did not even imagine that he would become a photographer in the future.

The name is Robert Cornelius. A chemist by profession, Robert was then 30 years old. Father was a silversmith. He also owned a family chandelier business in Philadelphia. As per the Library of Congress, Robert is the world's first selfie client.

In 2013, the word 'selfie' was remembered for the Oxford Dictionary.  In the same year, Oxford declared Selfie the Word of the Year. However, Robert made his own 184 years earlier. in 1839.

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Self Portrait. 'Swa' means selfie. However, the Oxford dictionary definition says this self-portrait should be taken on a smartphone or webcam. Share with him through the net. Only then self-portrait will be transmitted in 'Selfie'.

Although not many people give it on the net. In that case, in a larger sense, self-portraits can be given the status of selfies, says Wikipedia.

Such was the picture taken by Robert. The picture was taken in 1839. It is still preserved in the American Library of Congress.

The picture shows a young man with unkempt hair. whose hands are placed near his chest. The focus is not directly on the camera. He is not in the middle of the frame but on one side. As is usually the case.

The bottom of the framed image reads, "The world's first photo where the light was utilized independently,  1839."

"The photos were taken on a silver-covered copper plate. The sheet was polished like a mirror to improve the reflection of light. If the lighting is good, the picture is also good. This process was called degrotype photography.

This photo was taken by Robert in the back of his family's chandelier shop, the Library of Congress composed.  Robert had to stand in front of the chandeliers hanging in the shop for bright lights. He had to stand in front of him for 15 minutes with the camera lens open. Then, at that point, the image came out.

Daguerreotype photography took so long to take pictures of that time. Maybe that's one of the reasons why they're doing so poorly in Robert's selfies. However, Robert had no difficulty getting the credit of his first self, even though his own was not perfect.

At the same time, another French photographer took over. Just a few months apart from Robert. His name is Hippolyte Bird.

Creating a well-organized backdrop is nothing new. However, Baird was the first person to be so creative with himself. He took the first 'stage selfie'. Birdshot himself in the role of a dead man.

Baird's photography process was very different from Robert's. He reported the process to the French Academy of Sciences on February 24, 1839. If the Academy had published his discovery earlier, Bird might have been the first portrait client. But the Academy was slow to recognize Baird's discovery because of his inclination towards another French photographer.

In challenge the Academy,  Bird took the dead man as his own. He seems to be drowning in the water. Some part of his hands and feet has turned white due to rot. Byrd wrote in the description, 'The corpse in the picture is of Mr. Bird. Who is the inventor of a special process of photography, which can be found in this image? Notwithstanding,  the government did not feel the need to focus on its three-year-long research. So he drowned himself. Surprisingly, there is no claimant on his body. That's why women move fast to avoid the foul smell.'


Robert had taken that bird's picture a few months ago. However, later, Robert founded a self-portrait studio in the United States. Where the rich people of the society used to come for photographs. Robert also pioneered the use of reflectors in the studio for taking portraits.

Even after this, of course, many people have created their own history. In 1913, Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, a girl of the Russian regal family,  made herself in front of the mirror. The youngest daughter of the last king of Russia photographed Kodak's camera.

Kodak brought its camera, the Kodak Brownie, to market in 1900. Needless to say, the Brownie isn't Kodak's first camera. In 1818 Kodak brought its first camera. However, Brownie made the camera accessible to the general public at a low cost. In 1913, with the help of that camera, the princess of Russia made her own in the mirror.

The photograph of Buzz Aldrin taken in space in 1986 is also historical. Gemini built its spacecraft in 12 space missions. It is the first self-taken in space.

Although the word 'selfie' was first used in 2002. An Australian man named Nathan Hope posted a picture of himself on the net after injuring his lip. The description read, 'Sorry for the foggy image'.  It was actually a selfie.

Australians have a bad reputation for naming big words. However, those terms are likely to be introduced in Europe and America in the future. They shorten any word and add English words I and E at the end. Aussies from Australia, the greatest explanation of that. In the words of Nathan even from a self-portrait

However, the selfie camera has been introduced in the smartphone since 2013. Although the camera was originally intended to facilitate video calls, smartphone users also began to use it to make their own.

The word 'selfie' also appeared in the Oxford dictionary in 2013. The narcissism of capturing one's own camera, that is, self-love, is the seal of the dictionary.

The selfie has been customized in many ways since then. Not to mention two more examples of popular and historical selfies.

However, the selfie camera has been introduced in the smartphone since 2013. Although the camera was originally intended to facilitate video calls, smartphone users also began to use it to make their own.

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Show your teeth to Unlock The Smartphone

 The smartphone lock will open as soon as you show your teeth

Eight to eighty, now more or less everyone is speaking louder on the smartphone. Presently practically all telephones have face open or biometric frameworks.  But now the days of unlocking the phone by showing face or with fingers are over. The phone will open when you show your teeth! You must be thinking that what is the matter.

This time Indian scientists have made a technique to unlock the phone by showing teeth. Finger impression open is very well known on cell phones.  However, over the years, the popularity of Face Unlock has surpassed all other authentication methods.

The technology can be used on mobiles and other handheld devices. Scientists say that a special map has already been made for it. The app will collect biometric information using the mobile camera. Other applications open the telephone by taking a gander at the face, but this app has the advantage of unlocking the phone using human teeth.
The study of unlocking the phone with the help of teeth is called diphtheria. The study was published by Geetika Arora, Rohitke Bhardwaj, and Kamlesh Tiwari of Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. It has been said that mobiles and other handheld devices can be used for authentication by taking pictures of human teeth.

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Elaborating on the effectiveness of the app, the scientists said that regions of interest (ROIs) are isolated using markers. From there it is amplified using Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization. As a result, the clarity of the photo is better.

Scientists have further claimed that this method can be used to unlock the phone in a more accurate way. How the authentication of the phone will work through the image of the teeth, has been explained through a diagram in the research paper. First, the app will take pictures of your teeth using the front camera of the mobile phone. It was followed by Region of Interest Extraction and Enhancement. And then the app will enroll/verify and identify by extracting the deep feature.

The next step is to start the authentication task. This time the app will match the named extraction with the database. Then the app will decide whether the image matches the database or not.

Scientists also say that even if you have never used a toothpick to identify a person before, it is possible to use a toothpick to successfully identify a person.

Although the first training takes some time, after the training is complete, this technique will be able to work very efficiently.

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Thursday, August 26, 2021


 9 settings to keep your phone safe

There are a few sets on your Android smartphone that can keep hackers a few crores away once opened. Learn about 9 settings.

Screen lock

Always use a screen lock to protect your Android smartphone or tablet. If you wish, you can secure your smartphone with a PIN, pattern, and password. If you wish, you can use biometric methods such as fingerprint and face unlock. Each time you open the telephone screen, you have to touch your phone after unlocking it.

Lock screen notification

If the phone is turned off, you can also choose whether the notification will appear on the lock screen. If you want to see notifications for certain apps on the lock screen, you can eliminate the remainder of the warnings from the lock screen.  For this, you can go to the phone's app settings, search for the specific application, make the necessary changes to that app. In any case, the phone will need the Android 11 operating system for this feature to work fully.

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Find my device

You can find a lost smartphone using Android Device Manager. In any case, you need to configure it properly to use this feature. To do this, open Phone Settings> Security> Find My Device. This feature is required to open the location of the phone. This is a feature that not only helps you find your lost phone but more. If you wish, you can also enter a new password on the lost phone or delete all data on the phone.

Use smart lock

You can keep your phone unlocked for a certain period of time. Use SmartLock for this. For example, assume you are associated with a particular Bluetooth gadget or are in a particular area, you only need to use a password or PIN to unlock the phone once. After that, your phone will not be locked unless it complies with the SmartLock condition. Anyway, if you don't use the phone for 4 hours or restart the phone, it will lock again. Customers of Android 10 and 11 will be able to use this feature.

Google Play Security

Google Play Protect helps protect the device. On the off chance that you download an application from the Play Store, Google checks through Play Protect before installing it. This feature alerts the customer if any harmful device is installed on the device. Play Protect will automatically delete all harmful apps from the phone. Also, this feature warns that an application does not comply with Google's software policy. If an app allows the phone to silently steal a customer's personal information, the client is likewise cautioned. This component is as of now empowered on any Android telephone. This feature can be enabled by opening Settings> Security> Google Play Security.

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Safe Browse

Chrome is the default browser for Android devices. This browser has Safe Browser M mode. If this mode is enabled, you are warned before committing to a harmful website. Make certain to empower this component. To do this, open Google Chrome, select the three-point menu in the upper right, and select Settings. Now select the sync option for Google services.

Security check

You can keep your Google Account secure by doing regular security checks. This feature will give you step-by-step tips on how to keep your account secure. Here you can go to the 'Your Device', 'Current Security Program ', 'Third-Party Access', and 'Sign-in and Recovery' sections and take a separate security survey. If you see the yellow dot here, you will understand that there is a problem with the security of your account phone. Showing a green sign means there is no negligence in security.

Application permission

See which third-party applications are collecting information from your Google Account. If your account information is shared with an app or service that you no longer use, quit imparting information to that application or administration. . As a result, even if the app now receives your account data, you may need to submit a separate application to delete the old data.


Customers will be able to detect if a Google Account password has been revealed. After opening from a program on a PC, need to marking into your record, select Check Password and you will be able to see if the password is seen. When you log in to a website with Password Sync, all your passwords are automatically synced with your Google Account.



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