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Ways to recover smartphone data

Ways to recover smartphone data

Ways to recover smartphone data
Ways to recover smartphone data

If the display of the smartphone is broken, it is in danger. Because besides talking, sending messages, and taking pictures, important information is stored in the smartphone. Due to this, the necessary smartphone data is lost. But there are some ways which help to recover data very easily.

Open takeout.google.com in any web browser for Android and log in using the Google account linked to the device. Here you will get back data like images, emails, messages, etc. You can easily get all your data back by logging into your device brand's cloud account.

Keep logging in to your iCloud account for iOS. Here you will get all your data. Use Google Backup or iCloud to transfer data to another device.

Most modern smartphones have it. Be it an Android device or an iPhone, there is a dedicated cloud backup feature. If your device's display is damaged, you can easily retrieve your data by logging into this account on another device. Most of the data can be recovered through this method.

Modern smartphones have MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and can be connected via mouse. You can easily transfer your data by connecting it to the monitor.


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How to recover data from a smartphone?

Smartphones, cameras, Hard drives, and memory cards are some of the storage locations where this software can restore files. Files and folders can be deleted in the process of using your smartphone. Undelete 360 is the software to use for the recovery of such data. It is a recommended form of mobile data recovery
How to recover data from a corrupted Android phone?

It is not possible to recover files from a completely dead Android device, at least not without replacing the display or the help of a data recovery professional. If your Android phone only has a damaged screen, you can try to access it through an external display like a monitor or television. This will allow you to bypass the broken display completely.

How to recover data from a broken phone?

Step 1. Download DroidKit here. Launch the software and connect your broken phone via a USB cable. Go to Extract needed data and select from the system crashed device. Step 2. Select the data you want to recover from the dead phone. Here we take photos as an example. step 3.
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