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Will Xiaomi's Good Times End? Backdoor Phones Found

The Lithuanian government alleges that backdoors have been found in the phones of Xiaomi, one of the world's largest smartphone makers. 
Will Xiaomi's Good Times End? Backdoor Phones Found
Will Xiaomi's Good Times End? Backdoor Phones Found 

After examining all Chinese phones with Xiaomi, cyber experts have demanded a ban. Hearing this, America has also come forward and criticized China's cyber activities.

A study by Lithuania's National Cyber ​​Security Center found four major problems with Wave and Xiaomi phones. One of these is the case of apps that both companies install on their phones. The second is the leaking of personal data. According to CBS News, the Cyber ​​Security Center has advised both brands not to use anything.

It is rumored that Xiaomi's freedom of speech may be lost on the phone. Researchers say that 449 of these words or keyword groups are written in Chinese script so that they do not contain the necessary text. It may appear in search results and the company can activate it at any time.

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He added that such filtering may soon be translated into Latin. Always send a list of new words to block in the app. The user has no control over them. Words and phrases such as Free Tibet, Voice of America, Democratic Movement, Long Live Taiwan Independence can be activated on phones sold in Lithuania in such a way that they do not need to be searched. However, the researchers caution that these features have not yet been activated but could be done at any time.

However, he also revealed that this problem cannot be found in OnePlus phones.

1. Xiaomi's answer

Meanwhile, Shomi took to the stage in response to a call from the Lithuanian government to remove the Xiaomi phone. They said that they do not censor any user's data. He says that Xiaomi hasn't blocked any content so far and won't do so now.

He says that Xiaomi's phones are made according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. At the same time, there are those who think that the current problem is that phones sold in China, which have strict restrictions, are probably sold in Lithuania. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to thwart Obama's plans. We have to see how countries like India react to this.

2. Supreme Court's own panel to investigate Pegasus controversy

The Supreme Court has decided to set up a panel of experts to investigate the allegations of Pegasus data leak. The Israeli company is accused of illegally monitoring the phones of several people in the country with the help of NSO Group. Google files case against Competition Commission of India

The company has filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court against the media for leaking the results of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) investigation into Google's smartphone operating system Android. The matter will be heard today. Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi will appear on behalf of Google. Google has leaked a report that CCI is having problems running Android. Therefore the company has approached the court to show its loss.

3. Now You Can Download YouTube Videos

According to Android Police, Google is preparing to allow premium customers to watch videos after download. It will be available for consumers in India and France. It is also said that Premium will be officially available to consumers for testing by October 19th, although there may be an official delay. This feature is only available for users of Chrome, Edge and Opera browsers. All three browsers run on the Chromium platform controlled by Google.

4. Facebook's Chief Technology Officer Resigns

Facebook's Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroeder has resigned. Andrew Bosworth, the company's current head of augmented reality and virtual reality, will now take over as chief technology officer. Mike is resigning after 13 years of service. Meanwhile, Mike will be in a different category on Facebook. Reuters reports that administrators all throughout the planet have come down on Facebook.

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5. Companies say that there is a huge shortage of chips and they will have to wait 21 weeks.

Bloomberg has reported a severe shortage of chips. This was due to covid 19. Equipment manufacturers in various regions will now have to wait up to 21 weeks to receive the chips. This unforeseen problem threatens the manufacturing of smartphones, computers, and electric vehicles.

6. Apple in a meeting called to discuss the chip crisis

The global chip shortage is likely to cause a major crisis in the technology sector. The online meeting, convened by the White House, will include representatives from technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, as well as carmakers GM, Ford, and BMW.

7. Samsung Will Discuss Self-Driving Car Chips for Tesla

Electronic car maker Tesla is a leader in the production of self-driving cars. Korean technology company Samsung is in talks with the company to make the necessary chips. The cars will be built with 7-nanometer chips. The two companies have been discussing the issue since the beginning of this year.

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