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How Many Hours Does An Indian Have To Work To Buy An iPhone 13?

Apple's iPhone 13 series is one of the most talked-about products, Analyze how many hours does an individual need to work to buy iphone13
How Many Hours Does An Indian Have To Work To Buy An iPhone 13?
How Many Hours Does An Indian Have To Work To Buy An iPhone 13?

Today's world of technology. Most people want to buy this phone. But the price of the iPhone 13 is not affordable for everyone. is in this context. The news is that people from different countries can buy it.

How many hours does the iPhone 13 work?

The sale of the iPhone 13 series has also started in India. But the price. Handsets are a bit high in India. Also, many fans of Apple are waiting for it.

To lower the price for the festive sale. How many hours does it take? Does Sat Bharti have to work hard to buy an iPhone 13? Researchers from Money Supermarket have also made a report on this.

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Original price

The iPhone 13 version is calculated based on the country of minimum wage and other costs, as well as the length of the handset purchased. The prices of the iPhone 13 series are listed on the basis of import duty. Every country has taxes and currency fluctuates.

According to a research report, Indian SAT Indians get 724.2 users. Buy iPhone to work for 13 hours. That is, about 30 working days. India is the second-longest working country in the world. The Philippines tops this list. Where the user has to work 775.3 hours to get the iPhone 13. This is followed by 690.5 hours in India and 639.1 hours in Turkey. Russia is fifth with 428.5 hours.

Switzerland is the country with the shortest working hours to buy an iPhone 13, where anyone can buy an iPhone 13 if it only works for 34.3 hours. The iPhone 13 can be achieved by working 49.5 hours in the US offered by Apple. The United States ranks third on this list. These countries have lower wages than India. So if you work part-time then you can buy iPhone 13. Import duty also has an effect.

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iPhone 13 price

The iPhone 13 Mini is priced at Rs 69,900 for the 128 GB model of the iPhone 13 series in India.

The iPhone 13 costs Rs 79,900, 128 GB variant costs Rs 89,900, 256 GB model costs Rs 1,09,900 and 512 GB variant costs Rs 1,09,900.

The 128GB model of iPhone 13 Pro costs Rs 119,900.

Rs 1,29,900 for 256GB storage, Rs 1,49,900 and Rs 1,59,900 for the 512GB variant, and Rs 1,79,900 for the 1TB model.

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