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 9 settings to keep your phone safe

There are a couple of sets on your Android cell phone that can keep programmers a couple of crores away once opened. 

Learn about 9 settings.

1. Screen lock

Always use a screen lock to protect your Android smartphone or tablet. On the off chance that you wish, you can get your cell phone with a PIN, example, and secret key. If you wish, you can use biometric methods such as fingerprint and face unlock. Each time you open the telephone screen, you have to touch your phone after unlocking it.

2. Lock screen notification

If the phone is turned off, you can also choose whether the notification will appear on the lock screen. If you want to see notifications for certain apps on the lock screen, you can eliminate the remainder of the warnings from the lock screen.  For this, you can go to the telephone's application settings, look for the particular application, roll out the vital improvements to that application. In any case, the phone will need the Android 11 operating system for this feature to work fully.

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Find my device

You can find a lost smartphone using Android Device Manager. In any case, you need to configure it properly to use this feature. To do this, open Phone Settings> Security> Find My Device. This feature is required to open the location of the phone. This is a feature that not only helps you find your lost phone but more. If you wish, you can also enter a new password on the lost phone or delete all data on the phone.

Use smart lock

You can keep your phone unlocked for a certain period of time. Use SmartLock for this. For example, assume you are associated with a particular Bluetooth gadget or are in a particular area, you only need to use a password or PIN to unlock the phone once. After that, your phone will not be locked unless it complies with the SmartLock condition. Anyway, if you don't use the phone for 4 hours or restart the phone, it will lock again. Customers of Android 10 and 11 will be able to use this feature.

Google Play Security

Google Play Protect helps protect the device. On the off chance that you download an application from the Play Store, Google checks through Play Protect before installing it. This feature alerts the customer if any harmful device is installed on the device. Play Protect will automatically delete all harmful apps from the phone. Also, this feature warns that an application does not comply with Google's software policy. If an app allows the phone to silently steal a customer's personal information, the client is likewise cautioned. This component is as of now empowered on any Android telephone. This feature can be enabled by opening Settings> Security> Google Play Security.

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Safe Browse

Chrome is the default browser for Android devices. This browser has Safe Browser M mode. If this mode is enabled, you are warned before committing to a harmful website. Make certain to empower this component. To do this, open Google Chrome, select the three-point menu in the upper right, and select Settings. Now select the sync option for Google services.

Security check

You can keep your Google Account secure by doing regular security checks. This feature will give you step-by-step tips on how to keep your account secure. Here you can go to the 'Your Device', 'Current Security Program ', 'Third-Party Access', and 'Sign-in and Recovery' sections and take a separate security survey. If you see the yellow dot here, you will understand that there is a problem with the security of your account phone. Showing a green sign means there is no negligence in security.

Application permission

See which third-party applications are collecting information from your Google Account. If your account information is shared with an app or service that you no longer use, quit imparting information to that application or administration. . As a result, even if the app now receives your account data, you may need to submit a separate application to delete the old data.


Customers will be able to detect if a Google Account password has been revealed. After opening passwords.google.com from a program on a PC, need to marking into your record, select Check Password and you will be able to see if the password is seen. When you log in to a website with Password Sync, all your passwords are automatically synced with your Google Account.



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